Law Firm of Duane St. Pierre, PC


Divorce need not be adversarial.  There are many approaches that can minimize the impact on both parties and the children of the parties in a divorce.  Duane strives to negotiate a fair settlement out of court, but should the parties be unable to resolve the issues out of court, Duane is able to draw upon his extensive trial knowledge to litigate your case.  Complex divorce litigation including the division of high-value assets, requires skill and experience.   Duane has comprehensive family law knowledge and an intimate understanding of Illinois Law.

Child support is essential to maintaining your child's standard of living now and in the future.  Duane has an accounting background which gives him an advantage in uncovering assets and ensuring child support is fair and equitable.

Children deserve to have a relationship with both their parents.  So, custody and visitation are the most highly charged issues that arise in a divorce. If joint parenting is not possible, Duane is skilled in litigating custody and visitation disputes, where the best interest of the children is the primary concern.

Premarital agreements are entered into before marriage.  They define what will occur if the marriage ends either through divorce of through the death of one of the parties.  Premarital agreements can also be used to protect the financial interests of one or both spouses.  A premarital agreement can also be of value in protecting family-owned interests, such as a share in a family business or future inheritances.

Domestic violence and Orders of Protection are sought to prevent the repeated physical abuse and harassment among family and household members.  Often domestic violence actions are emergency matters that require immediate attention.  Situations involving domestic violence are emotionally charged.  It is important to have an experienced Family Law Attorney familiar with a wide range of domestic violence issues  .